The all-in one OnePLus One invite thread

OK, since there have been too many threads just for this type of stuff, I think it'll be best that we keep them into one thread. So if you have invites that you would like to give away, here's the thread for you to do that. Why? Because I realised that not all users won't care for these threads to swarm all over this subforum, thus, making it unfair for other people who might have other questions to ask or needing assistance for their phones, without bumping their thread for attention. The community is all about helping other and that includes mobile phone support, so show consideration to others and keep the forum clean!

Anyway, invites? Post em here. Got one for me? PM me. I don't mind.

Oh, and from now on, other existing threads will either be left open until the invites are used up (so OP, can notify when the invites are all gone) or deleted to ease the subforum for a change. Any new threads after this will be removed immediately!!!

EDIT: This include threads for an invite request. Post those here as well.

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Hey Tek Syndicate

I got some invites to share that I forgot I had, they are about to run out so be quick.

Please post if you grab one so that I'll know that they have been used

Remember that this invite can only be used for orders shipping to Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.


Key 1: Claimed

Key 2: Claimed

Key 3: Expired

If anyone has an extra I wouldn't mind one.

pretty smart marketing move

you gotta earn the PRIVILEGE to give us your money. you gotta get an invite! -oneplus one guys

anyone want to pm me an invite? lol


Something happen to your MotoX? lol

At least right now in the US you can buy one without invite 

if someone has an invite can i plz get it

Damn, I missed the window by a day. I was literally going to buy one today and the deal is off, just my luck.

I have 1 invite left if someone wnts it.

May I? I'm in desperate need of a new phone.

If someone has an invite, donate it to me?

Hey guys,

I'm a former HTC One V user (my first smarphone) and I really enjoyed using it, but after 2 and a half years of use it got very slow and the headphone jack is broken. So I've been looking a while for a new phone and I just found what I wanted in the OPO: a cheap phone with high specs. I'd really appreciate it if you could send me an invite if you got one. A friend is also searching and if you got two for giveaway: I'd really appreciate it if you could give us 2 invites.

Greetings Andy 

SOrry guys, it was gone literally 3 mins after i posted :( let you know if i come across anymore

i could use one as a christmas present :3

no invite required today! :D

I finally got an invite this morning, but sadly I am broke. I would hate to have it go to waste; so, if you can buy one and you want the invite let me know.

I'd love the invite. I've been waiting to get my hands on one of these phones. Is it for the white version or the slate black one?


black 64 gb

If you want it, its yours.