The Abstract Painting Attract Me Best

Dont know how the abstract painting can attract me so deeply. Maybe you guys have the sane thoughts as me.

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I like to look at abstract art as a sort of Rorschach test. So I ask myself what I come to think of. This makes me think of a sea at night.

Nice painting.

What many people don’t realize is Art is not supposed to be pretty, it’s supposed to make you feel something. Even if it makes you feel bad, that is good art.

On the silly side, with my years of training in art history the first thing I think of is this.


I think i see a storm. Approaching in the desert. Like the middle and upper part are clouds dark gray and the the bottom is the desert with two platos.

Is spaceship! pew pew pew!

I like impressionism. Afremov is my favorite living painter. Check out his stuff:


That’s amazing.

Woww, that sounds interesting, can the rorschach test make you relax or something?

Cant agree more, the abstract ones let me think more.

And the most direct expression is the ink flows in the water.

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So imaginative you are and it may really is.

I konw this painter, all the paintings looks like in the rain.

You are right and the subjective mind depends on your mond when you look at the picture.

Not the actual rorschach test, that one is rather stressful to me. But the principle of opening up some hidden recognition and keep analysing in that direction is interesting to me.

They are mostly set in autumn. Which is awesome for an autumn loving melancholic like me :slight_smile:

I have this framed poster in my bedroom.

Mark Rothko, Untitled 1954.

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Woow, then I cant find out where is the poster, it seems to hang on a orange wall…