The 150-200 dollar pc challenge!

So, i want a computer to run manjaro for steam in the living room (Steam OS when its less buggy) Ive got the ram and a gfx card.  Make sure the case looks clean.  It is going to be in my living room afterall.

Please reply, i give brownies to all!!!!

Maybe look at one of the Intel Baytrail System on Chips, 4gb of cheap ram a savaged hard drive and a cheap case/psu  combos


You do realize i said i need to power a graphics card, right?  Its a 650 ti boost

i made this i can´t do much better realy.. ☺

I give you props :)  Thanks for helping me out!

well if you can spend $5 more then you can get the  750K athlon. that one is overclockable.

Okey dokey, i wont have subway tomorrow :P

He lol, where I live there is a Subway giveaway where when you get a regular meal you get a scratch card to win. and you can win a PS4 or a iPad Mini