The $1000 Gaming Beast

Hello All!

I am looking to build a $1000 gaming PC in the near future.

I don't have any concrete plans, but I have some general ideas already.


It should have:

an SSD(128GB?)

a 1.5 TB or 1TB hard drive

a GTX 670 or is this too much(or too little for a gaming machine?)

8Gb of RAM unless someone has an amazing argument for 16.. 

basic optical drive 

i would also like an intel and an AMD option because I know the FX 8350 has been getting lots of hype lately, but i'm no sure i'm such a big fan...


So please leave some complete build suggestions with case and cooling(maybe water?) and PSU etc in the reply section.

Thanks so much in advance! If you have any questions or need clarifications on anything feel free to ask!

P.S. I am a total dummy when it comes to motherboards, as I find all the things you ave to watch out for quite confusing.

I'm in love with that power supply lol. I regret getting the source over the 300r, I love that thing.


I rly like to help people in any way possible so:

CPU:the AMD FX-8350 is an amazing choice its for 200$ and the i5 3570k is 220$ and in most cases the FX beats it!Just chek out  this Logan vid: i will be getting the FX for my build too ^^

GPU:if you whant something cheap get the Radeon 7870 HIS or if you have the cources to get the Club 3 joker card if you know what i mean. Logan wold agree!

motherboard:Some advice-if you are getting an AMD cpu of the latest kind (6300-8350) you shold search the AM3+ socket :) the Gigabyte GA-990 is a great option!

RAM:the corsair vengeance or the G skill ripjaws is good (8GB is all you need for gaming)

HDD:western digital caviar blue (i dont know much about  HDD)

SSD:Kingston hyperx 3k or the Adata on loagans vids (idont remember its name but it performed 5%better that the kingston for 5% more money)

Heatsink:get the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus or the H100

Optical drive:ASUS 24X DVD Burner

Case:BitFenix Shinobi Window Black Steel or if you whant to go cheaper go for the NZXT Source 210 Elite

Im sorry for no giving you any advice about Intel hardware :( I just prefer AMD because its cheaper and in my country all things are overpriced!

I wish you the best with your build! :)


Thanks for the build idea! So I take it you prefer the AMD over Intel. Out of curiosity, at what price range does an Intel chip come close to beating this AMD monster of a chip?Also, you chose the XFX Radeon 7970 over a 670. Was this because of price or reliability or downright speed? And lastly, the XFX version has been getting very bad reviews on newegg which worries me slightly. Any reason to be cautious with this card or opt for another one?

Thanks again!