Thanks to a "Amusement Tax" in Chicago, PSN will be subject to a 9% tax in that city

Netflix and Spotify have also budged to this tax, PlayStation being the latest service to budge.

It affects PS Plus and PS Now and rented games, not games purchased to own.

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Looks like the windy city just got more windy

According to how it’s worded, BlizzCon Virtual Tickets would also be subject to this since it’s a “per-event fee.”

And the rabbit hole would go deeper from there.

if the weasels in government could figure out a way to tax your farts they would
probably call it a natural gas tax but they couldnt tax cows so the tax would be foisted off on us.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good thing I live in the burbs.

Was thinking about movin from Xbox to PlayStation

It applies to Netflix and Spotify too.

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