Thank You to Wendell and LevelOnetechs staff and community


I started when Teck syndicate was as thing :hot_face: . Thist post is a thank you to @wendell for getting me hocked on Liux/Unix. I am self taught and got a job so if you know Linux its a skill in high demand . Last year i got my first tech job as a operation technician at basefarm in Norway my team is maintaining Linux(RedHat) , vmware/ nutanix, windowsm hyperv, influx(tick stack) and other random networking gear juniper and cisco pluss backup via TSM aka (IBM spectrum protect ) and a linux firewall that is based on iptables(I just love that thing i apparently one of the guys that know how to fix it when i breaks :sweat_smile: ) . And i am learning so much and i want to thank all the people at LevelOneThechs and the community for helping out and being awesome :laughing: . If guys have questions about stuff just ask i will help out.


Cool to see you back here active again :slight_smile: