TF2 Problem [Help!]

Ever since the ambassador having a full crit update around may 28th, when I play TF2 my computer randomly freezes and plays the last 2 seconds of gameplay over n over again and I have to do a hard reboot.. this be bad for my computer but I don't want to stop playing Tf2. The problem doesn't happen when I play any other game like killing floor or crysis, so why tf2? Logan said its a problem with the update.. Any Suggestions?

This is Master Apple, I forgot to sign out of logan's thingy when he was over.

Wel you could wait for a next update to see if they fix anything, or you could try to reinstall the game. I havent had a problem with the new update for the ambassador yet. Played yesterday and got killed a several times by it, so I dont know...

Yeah logan told me he had to wait untill the next update for it to fix itself..
Reinstalling didnt work, neither did verifying the game cache.

reinstall steam?

Re-Install STEAM? Attempting..
Edit 1 : Redownloading all games.

Seems to work. The graphics randomly get jumbled but no crashes.. Someone said the memory on my gfx card is bad or something i'onno.

Heres a picture of the graphic jumble.

According to my friend :
This isn't what happens when you overclock. This is what happens when
the game engine stops playing nicely with your video card. Note there's
no artifacting or anything indicative of heat. It's just textures being mapped improperly all over the place.

Firstly, I'd recommend doing a re-verify of the TF2 files. If that
doesn't fix it, update your drivers (make absolutely sure they're the
latest ones).

EDIT 1 : Crashes came back. Someone said stop playing Tf2 or my GPU will get messed up ]:

This happens to me on occasion when my card over heats. I still don't under stand really why it does it thought.