Testing the Parallella board or cluster

I've been interested in Adaptevas' Parallella board for some time now and I'd love to see The Tek test one or even a cluster. They are open source, affordable and interesting because of their parallel accelerator processor. They are small as a tablet board, render mandelbrot sets faster than a high end workstation and cost about $100 US.

I'm wondering if this could help to milk silicon until there is a viable alternative. When the 64 bit version of the 64 core processor ships, it might seem an alternative for common use. This of course would not necessarily include gaming unless open solutions were developed. It might however run some games that don't require a lot of RAM.

I would really like to know what this product is capable of and what potential it may have.

Problem with boards like that is they can't replace your standard serial processor. Anything that relies on serialized process with choke that thing really bad. That's why we don't use GPUs as CPUs

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The parallel processor is an accelerator for an ARM processor.

So @wendell or @Logan what do you think about testing some open hardware?