Testing CPU

I have an old Xeon W3550 from 08 laying around and thinking about moving to pfsense. The stats on this CPU are pretty decent from what I can tell, I know nothing about Xeons. Anyone know of a way to test this without wasting money on a mobo psu and all that?

If it does work is this thing too powerful or not enough for a pfense? I plan on having at least 500mbps coming in and up to 20 devices on the network with vpn filtering.

I would think so considering its more powerful then the majority of the prebuilt systems they offer.

You think it's be powerful enough to run it in a VM? I might try and do as much as possible with it.

should be fine, as long as you dedicate enough resources to it.

Which is a single core and 128MB of RAM. Maybe more cores if your internet is over 100Mbps.

Thanks for that, it's only got 4 cores so probably wont be able to do much with the other 3 cores.

For a rough performance estimate: I know it's CPU-Boss but just have a look at the cinebench numbers.

The Atom CPU did not fall from a tree, it is the "medium business" appliance from the pfsense store.

Regarding the "wasting money" point: I've understood that you do not have a motherboard and the corresponding spare parts for a complete computer?
If not it might be advisable to check ebay for a used workstation. I've seen W3550 based ones for 75$-150$. I have my doubts that you can parts for a complete system for that price.