Tesla offer to fix South Australia's power problem

South Australia has experienced a couple of state wide black outs recently. The state uses a lot of renewable energy & brings in coal power from another state to supplement this.

The cause for one of the blackouts was a storm that knocked out high voltage pylons.

Another according to the article, was due to not enough baseline power during a heatwave- But I remember experiencing a few rolling blackouts in Melbourne during heatwaves, which is powered by coal, so I'm not sure if baseline capacity is the real issue there.

Elon Musk has claimed that Tesla can fix the problem within 100 days by installing battery packs, or they will do it for free.

The state seems to be pushing renewable energy pretty hard & could be the first in Australia to be 100% renewable, so I hope that they take up the Tesla offer to show what the technology is capable of.

Sound like a bit more decentralization would be in order as well. Unless perhaps it's already so that people outside the cities tend to fare a bit better?

I saw this the other day out of context and didn't know what was going on.

Personally I think they can do it in 100 days. If the Aussies want it for free, they better set up some good blocks to prevent it from getting done in 100 days. With of course not letting Tesla know they are putting up these roadblocks.

our government is great at setting up roadblocks.
100 days is nothing.