Tesla K40 Code 10 Device Manger

I have a Tesla K40c and an Nvidia Quadro P620 in my system. I want to use the Quadro to passthrough, the tesla card doesnt have any outputs.
Both cards show up in device manager but the K40c has a code 10 error.

Specs Below:

DId a quick search and it seems the card on a lenovo board what i think yours is (from what i saw from the gaming on tesla thread) seems to be in TCC mode.

although from a quick google search it seems the K40c cant be switched to WDDM mode :
“Best I recall the K40c does not have video out, therefore cannot drive a display, and thus cannot be used with a WDDM driver.”

Lenovo Error 10 in Device Manager

so maybe you are out of luck with that card, due to the quick searches i did, but hopefully im wrong.

hmmm, what do you suggest i do?

sadly don’t know what to do

all good, if you find any other info that might help let me know!

thread on the issue i found said : I was using sata power on the pci riser... I switched to a 6pin power plug and now the driver is happy

maybe you are not powering it properly?

hmm ill check it out

yeah my power connectors are fine, im pretty sure its a sofware issue.

all good, if you find any other info that might help let me know!
me too.
i using ASUS R4BE X79 motherboard and E5-1680 V2.
i want to use Tesla GPU,but i worry about it not to runing on my X79.

I had the exact same issue. I initially used the LTT forum guide. Be sure to enable “Above 4g encoding” in the BIOS. I also think I changed something else in there, I just can’t recall what. It was in the same section as the 4g encoding. I had to fiddle with it for a day to make it work. I’m on an MSI board though, so YMMV.

link me the LTT forum guide, 4g decoding is enabled.