Terrible headphones

I literally just bought the razer tiamat 2.2's like 20 minutes ago (after looking at many,many good reviews) and i hate them, the audio quality is pathetic for £100 headphones my £50 turtlebeaches were many many times times better than the quality of these headphones. is there a way to increase the quality of these? or should i just return them and buy some siberia v2's or something?

I would return them. I'm not very big on the Razer Tiamats. Might of got a defected pair to. Also don't by TekNmotion Pulsewave V2 headphones. went through 3 pairs wiithin a year. However, their customer service reps usually respond quickly and are friendly

hmm thing is they migh not let me return them. ill say that the audio is faulty and ask if i could get some different headphones oh and i wasnt talking about the Pulsewave V2 headphones i was talking about the steelseries siberia V2 headphones

Just went and exchanged my tiamat 2.2's for some Steelseries siberia V2's and i couldnt be happier, amazing headphones!