So if you've played it you probably know about the newest 1.2 patch and the bundles of cool content. i would like to know what you thought of the patch, and how you're progressing!
Also if you haven't heard of Terraria, go check it out, available on steam for £5.99 . 
you may instantly think "2d minecraft" but after playing for awhile you realise there's alot you can do. great game

man i use to be so into this game, running a server at home and playing at work via tether to my 4g connection on my phone and doing server administration via pc everywhere hahaha. i checked out the new patch it was cool. looking forward to terraria 2.

i played so much of terraria, i don't kow if it's wise to start playing again. would be fun though, looks like it's gonna be cooler and stuff

they've added new bosses, new tears of gear. i have put in maybe too much time into this game particularly in the last few days

 loved how large the world was, i hope it's even bigger, and have a better world editor.

teksyndicate terraeria server?

that would be cool. only thing is even with a large world the surface is pretty easy to explore. and as far as i know there isn't any server mods for anti-troll

yeah, its a full time job to mod griefers. 

whats mumble. i keep hearing people talk about it.