Terracide, new band looking to debut

So a guy I've followed for a while on the YouTube, Daniel Tidwell(metaldaniel03), who does Metal covers of video game music for the most part, has a band. They've just launched a kickstarter to get their debut album out. They've released one song on YT as a trailer, I thought it was pretty good.


I'll probably back this.





So no one cares about this?

"with a lot of power metal", fuck no.

They sound good but there is nothing that stands out about them.

Generic as shit! There's absolutely nothing special about their music, granted I've only listened to 3 tracks. They sound like every other mainstream Metalcore band out there. And all that "Melodic Death Metal, Gothenburg, Power Metal" crap...no! It's just another generic Metalcore band.

Well, they did end up getting funded, we'll see what happens further down the line I guess. I don't mind "generic".