Tera gaming rig

hi guys,

i'm not really up to date on hardware, so my best guess is to ask you for some help.

my GF's PC just died... probably damaged powersupply which overloaded her graphicscard, in an atempt to fix it, it smoked mine, too....

so, now i'm looking for a cheap alternative for a Tera: Rising capable gaming rig.

to give her some better gaming experience, i'll need an improvement from the current specs:

  • nVidia 8800 GTX
  • 4GB Ram
  • and some creepy old CPU

you guys think the AMD A8 series w/ graphicscard will do?

you have any ideas on  the rest?

CPU / GC / MB / RAM / (SSD or HDD?)


i'm aiming for < 300 € /  380 $

no fancy stuff, tera uses Unreal 3 Engine thou...


thx for the help and greets from germany


what you guys think? any suggestions?