Temp display help

The lcd temp display on an Apevia Qpack2 case is giving me trouble. It works fine from a cold boot up but when resuming from sleep mode the display turns on but no readings. In other words the screen lights up blue(like it should) but no temp reading are displayed at all. Just a blank blue screen.

Everything works fine from cold boot.

Any ideas? Thanks

Wasn't this the same unit you mentioned when your PC was giving you shocks? If so, that's probably your problem. Who knows what that could have caused.

Yeah I know Boov but it never has a problem from cold boot. So it seems there must be something else going on. Not that I am ruling out it being a hardware issue. It makes me wonder if it is something to do with the new power supply but then again everything else seems to be purring along since I installed the new power supply.

I changed the hook up to the power supply but still a problem. (different molex strand)

Just thought maybe someone here might have a trick to the trade but it looks like it is probably fried in some capacity.

Maybe this is the excuse I need for a new case.lol