Telstra (Austrailian ISP) Plans for NBN replacement with National 4G network

The NBN was scrapped in the latest budget but luckily Telstra has come to the rescue (obscene amounts of sarcasm). They announced that they are planing for a national wireless network by using existing customers modems as hot spots for their network by using a "portion" of your bandwidth, on the plus side if you have a crappy modem they will give you a new "secure" one.

My god I saw this coming as a potential path but I thought Telstra was smart enough not to go down this path. But then it could just be a big FUCK YOU to Abbott and the country. I mean come on.

"He also said that the public Wi-Fi network would not affect a customer’s home speeds and that users should expect download speeds of about 2 megabits per second — enough to stream a high definition movie — over the new network."

Im going to have a little talk with people I know in aus. I am so glad I moved back to NZ. Hey you know how there is this stigma with Kiwi's in Aus? Well thats not a thing in NZ and ausies. Feel free to come over. (Though our government has spat the dumby because of all the returning kiwi's. They may impose a ban later down the track if too many people move back.

I am just laughing my ass off at how much australia is crashing and burning. Get out while you still can is all I can say. Ether that or kick that sone of a bitch out of government.

This along with the new laws being imposed to censor the internet. Seriously. Get the hell out.

I might have to consider leaving, internet is slow as shit, it's going to get slower, job market sucks pretty hard, I was thinking Canada though it's like the US just the people are more like aussies and they have a functioning government.

Rather than aussie rules you have ice hockey and switch extreme high temps for extreme low temps. 

Hmmm, brutal sports and temps you can do something about, this seems like a good deal.

So dose that mean there willing to subsidise the power usage for those 8000 modems? When ya add it all up its a fair bit of power getting used 24/7 

But this can go either way. If this is what it takes to get Telstra off its ass and do something for ones other then capping my download limit and start rolling out that fiber we all got promised then I think it's a small price to pay. But if there plann is to keep milking the copper network for all it's worth then no I don't think we should participate. Like the old saying gose, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

i will only agree to it if it promises the fiber and if there are going to flip the $2000 connection fee.


For F*ck Sake... I thought Telstra could not get any worse, If our modems are being used as hot spots will we be able to we them when searching for wifi? (I assume that would be hidden and 4g phones would auto connect) I guess I have to buy a different router or waste hours of time on the phone to try and explain that I don't want a new router… ISP's everywhere just seem to be getting worse, leaving and living in the woods like Logan sounds good to me...

Have not read the article,but it sounds like the fiber plan is being shut down and use current infrastructure to create city wide WiFi. In other words,no wired connection is being upgraded. Or am i completely off?


Unless Telstra is gracious enough to provide subscribers routers that can have private and public/guest networks at the same time.

But at any rate,sounds like a bad deal

I see no reason for this to leave the country, I'm sure you left for your personal reasons but I'm sure it wasn't because of the internet. Iv lived around the world and  Australia is a utopia compared to most countries. other then the internet there's plenty of reasons to stay. Australia is far from burning. Im more concerned of the high cost of living. But if it's internet you want then Darwin is the place to be considering they are shutting down the copper network ones everyone is got the NBN. 

I rely on high speed internet for my freelance work and this would kill it. Where I live now in nz, Fiber is now planed within the next year. Not the best and its capped at 100mbit but its far superior to a blanked 4g network with no cable infistructure. Even copper is better than a blanket 4g network which is what their doing and all they need to do is partner up with vodafone and have the whole network roled out within the next 2 years and say "It was a success."

I'm fucking done with this government. I'm gonna move to Europe at this rate.

You don't have to participate so your fine. Nothing will change youl still have your super fast 5Mbps connection that Telstra has worked so hard on.


Haha...the fuck? Comcast is rolling out the same thing here in the U.S. Who owns comcast and Telstra? Same guy?

News Corp, ie Rupert Murdoch

Basicly Telstra and News Corp own 50 50 in the national cable company.

I can assume Murdoch is not a fan of high speed internet. Think about it, If you can already stream all your tv and movie content off the internet seamlessly, there would be no need for the foxtell satellite network. So all that money he spent putting all those tin cans in space will be all lost. Sort of make sense why his so anti labour. And I can assume his also got his grips with companies in the US