Telltale on GOG

So a while ago I emailed Telltale requesting that they release their games on GOG as I don't like using Steam. Today I finally received an email from GOG announcing that the Telltale games will be available on their site, DRM free as always. Cheers to more gaming options.

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Further more once they offer DRM free they should have it on their own site, I don't trust GOG or CDPR any more either.

Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for when they add The Walking Dead series. For what I've read that seems to be the best Telltale have made so far.

Could you explain why? I don't get it.

Try Same & Max. I'm not arguing that the presentation in their games has gone up since The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc, but it has certainly become "kinda the same".

Oh a long list of things but in the past few years they have changed. And not I the interest if gamers.

Shortly. It is not Good Old Games any more.
They screwed Europeans out of money and intend to do it again.

There is much more to it. But they are rapidly becoming a not nice company. For now they are fine but I don't expect it to last.