TekSyndicate Web site acting odd

So, first I press "the feed" and get taken to posts as old as the site itself with posts from mainly Logan and MeGotRice. Next, I click on it and it says "no active comments" then back to those old comments again...then  No active comments. Then occasionally, it strikes gold. Is this happening to anyone else, or is this isolated to just me?

Its the same for me here. And probably there are other threads about it, but no way to find those in this state. This behaviour is on and off like this for some days now.

I believe wendell is doing some codeing on the site so expect some odd things happening or even the site being down antill work as been finished.

I just got on. The entire home page is missing for me. 

I am glad it is not just me, but this twilight zone thing is irritating. It's like that next generation episode where riker and Worf were on the Yamato and kept walking on and off the bridge "THERE IS ONLY ONE BRIDGE!!"