TekSyndicate App?

Dear Wendell and Logan,

Are you guys planning on making an app for Android and/or Apple? Just curious because trying to read the forums on my 4 inch phone screen is kinda hard. If you guys do decide to develop an app, would you have an open-source app developed by the TekSyndicate community or would it be developed entirely by you guys.? If we/you guys actually develop an app I would like to see features like posting/reading the forums and watching videos. Thanks anyways!

They've made it sound like if an app is to be made, they'd leave it to the community. That said, I've been wanting to try to get into app development, and figured I'd try my hand at a Tek Syndicate app for my first attempt. The only problem is that for the last month I've had a shit ton of homework and tests and nearly zero free time, so I haven't even started.