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TekSavvy to Customers: "We lowered your Internet bill. Thank the CRTC."

This is awesome. A lot of Canadians either got boosts to their plans, or got their bills reduced.

i pay about 55USD monthly. My internet speed doubled from 150Mbit to 300Mbit, and my 200GB data dap was changed into an Unlimited plan.

Do such miracles ever occur in the States?


Nice, I know some buddies on TekSavvy out here in West Canada, they are pretty good. I was suppose to move my landline phone over to them as it would save us $30/mo on it as it is something we barely use, but want to keep for the convenience of it.

I’ve noticed a bit of lowering of prices or more data coming from my phone service provider. I use fido and rogers bought them out. I was grandfathered in to my plan or my rates would have jumped. But then later as more competition was seen rogers/fido started matching. I’m still looking for a different provider as I don’t like Rogers business practices.

TekSavvy out here in Alberta don’t have their own lines, they lease them from Telus, Shaw, etc…

A lot of the smaller guys get shafted heavily when it comes to roaming, once you leave city limits, you are likely going to be tossed on one of the Big 3’s networks.

Wind before they were bought out by Shaw had that exact issue. This is word of mouth, but Shaw use to be very customer focused till the current CEO took over, so in time, Shaw will be just as bad as the big 3.

I’m in Red Deer county. Any suggestions for both internet and phone? Internet would have to be satilite or whatever the “line of site” is called.

I’ll check with a friend, I live in Calgary so I have options, I know someone out in Olds that might have a suggestion.

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My local ISP, Charter (TimeWarner), had us on the 65/4 and then they upgraded the site to have us unlocked and now I get somewhere in the neighborhood of ~400/20 for the same $65/month.

During peak I see it get as low as 100/20 but that’s still very usable IMO. I’m not usually a big fan of ISP’s but this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Had my bill reduced by $5 which was nice. The CRTC in general are fairly ineffective and TekSavvy are constantly battling them to get them to do their damn job. The ruled several years ago that incumbents also had to share their fibre networks in the same manner as their copper networks and here we are, years later, still with the revellers without any access to the fibre networks.

Ouch, I just checked with her, she lives 10 minutes outside of olds, so literally in buttfuck nowhere. None of the major or minor ISPs have any lines out there. She is on Telus for internet/phone.

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no data cap 1g u/d fiber 75$ a month its nice in salt lake utah local city fiber