Tek Team at PAX East

I wanted to preface this posting with an apology if this has been addressed elsewhere in the forums.

I believe Logan had mentioned that some of the team would be in Boston for PAX East, and I don't exactly recall to what extent. ( I can imagine you guys will be grabbing some footage for the show and might be somewhat busy )
This is a bit short notice as PAX is effectively here, but do you guys see yourselves having some free time to spend with your fans? It would be cool to have a beer with the team and maybe get a picture or something. Everybody should know this offer goes out to anyone, I don't know how many people on here are from Boston but if anybody is going to find themselves in the area this weekend and would like to meet up and hang out that would be pretty cool if we could get something like that going.

I'm only going to be at PAX just Friday night, if Logan and the rest of the team are going to be there Friday, where abouts would we be able to run in to you guys for at least a quick greet?