Tek Syndicate on Hawken

I was wondering if Logan would be playing this? As it does look rather interesting I wonder if he knows about it (pretty sure he does it's Mech FPS for God's sake). Also, who else would be playing this marvelous game? Get to the open beta and try it out guys! It's pretty sweet. http://www.playhawken.com/game-info

I've been playing since day 1 of their Open Beta release on the 12th, and I must say it's rather fun. The game is a lot more fast paced when compared to other Mech games such as MWO (Mech Warrior Online), along with having multiple game types that have plenty of action in them. Each Mech has it's own "Level", and you also get a specialization tree to put points into, whether it be Offensive, Defensive or Movement.. they're all good. If you like Mechs at a fast paced FPS style, along with some customization as well, then I'd highly recommend trying this out.


Hit me up in game, I'm usually on throughout the day!

Hawken Username: RandyJoe