Tek Syndicate Logo (Vector?)

Hey guys, sorry if this is not the best place to ask (I looked and it seemed the the most appropriate forum) but I was wondering if the Tek Syndicate Flaming Earth logo is available to download where in a vector format. I do a lot of graphic design for work and for myself, and would like to play around with the logo to make some wallpapers, decals for my PC case and stuff like that. All this is just for personal use and sharing with the Tek Community.


I have a fairly high resolution raster logo that I could vectorize, but being that there is so much detail in the logo it would take a lot of time to do that, so if I could avoid doing that by using one already in vector form I would be very grateful!


All that said, I understand that Tek Syndicate is a business, and this is YOUR LOGO I'm talking about, so if I'm out of line asking for this then feel free to tell me to fuck right off, I won't take offense haha.


I just vectorised it with Illustrator and it didn't really take out any detail. I think it's been said on here before that you can use the logo for anything personally, as long as you aren't making a profit from it.

I have thought of trying to create the logo in svg before. Just because I want to try and learn how to create svg images.