Tek Rumors 0018: Tegra SoC is Dead | OnePlus Three Specs Revealed | Microsoft Wishes To Power Self Driving Cars

Rest in Pepperoni to the Tegra SoC. the chip that everyone wanted but not really. A recent interview with Jen Hsung CEO of Nvidia. he was asked if he were ever again going to produce mobile chipsets. and his response was.

In reality what could this mean? well Google will have to grab a new CPU for their Pixel-C Successor and Nexus Line. and the Shield Portable and Shield Products are going to die off soon..

The specs of the OnePlus Three has been massively leaked by a website called OppoMart. it will have revamped specs of the OnePlus Two and is rumored to have a price range of $349+ for the base model.

According to the Verge, Microsoft says they do not wish to supply hardware to self driving cars.. but to power some cars. now to some degree the way Microsoft has headed with Windows 10.. one would question how dangerous something like this could be. will your car stop in the middle of a highway to provide you with a firmware update? Will things be installed without your permission? no one knows.. but do know something like this is coming.





No more tegra. About time, now maybe devices will see support for more than one year.

Interesting. When Sony and Microsoft chose AMD, that what Nvidia said about the consoles as well. So what? If AMD takes higher market share on the desktop, will Nvidia lose interest in that as well? They can't really take defeat, can they?

Interesting. How well did these sell? I didnt keep tabs on them. I remember seeing so decent words/reviews from folks about the shield handheld.

I didn't even read your post before I started mine with the same word. Apparently @Kat has created a very interesting topic :D


Not so good to begin with. if you remember there were a lot of scandals with the shield products. (like the tablets overheating cause of the batteries.) and because of the Tegra SoC

Yeah I remember the tablet overheating issue. Definitely not good PR :D

That and the Shield Products were made to work with Nvidia.. so not many wanted to be tied down in that aspect anyways.. I wouldn't be suprised if Nvidia cuts off Nvidia Game-Stream Soon. or at least makes it freely available on the Play Store.

Well, the best publicity Tegra ever got was OUYA. If you can call that good publicity, but everything else i heard about Tegra, not being into mobile technologies at all, was bad things. Eating power, overheating, lack of adoption, overpriced and what not...

How interesting...

Hmmm I just got one of the hand held shields on eBay, was going to use it as a portable nes-ps1 emulation machine. Also if I even get a nvidia to try the streaming out.... This news could be bad for resale, or not effect it at all as no one really cares about the old all in one shield lol. If the Gpd XD (if I ever get it, gearbest sucks) is any good I may end up selling my shield.

So strange that they seem to be pulling out of the phone market, I would think that is where a lot of money is at. Wonder if they got something coming up?

I can see it now BSOD's keeping the car from starting, the only news the entertainment system will offer will come from MSNBC, and the maps for GPS will be only from Bing, MS will own your car, you only license it from Microsoft and there will be no opt-out for any aspect, fleets will be able to buy licensing for all their vehicles under one license but the limitations will dictate how, when, where and who can use the vehicles.