Tek Rumors 0003: Windows Scaling Fixes and Surface Book issues | R9-380x Confirmed and Catalyst Omega 2.0 Coming

So Microsoft is finally addressing the elephant in the room. if you're like many enthusiasts who use 1440p or even 4k monitors you have most likely been frustrated for years because the scaling on Windows is an absolute mess for high resolutions displays.. WELL FEAR NOT, Microsoft is going to finally address the issue on a future Windows update. Now you're probably wondering.. Why is it that they are deciding to fix this now? well apparently it's because on the Surface Pro 4 and on the Surface Book. with their absurdly high resolution displays, many owners have been complaining that scaling is a real issue. everything is tiny and they cannot do anything even in touch mode. so Now Microsoft has decided to fix it. the scaling issue has gone probably as far back as to the late Vista early Windows 7 days. scaling was an absolute mess and after so many years it's finally being addressed.

If you contemplated buying a Surface Pro 4 and or Surface Book, you may want to wait a bit. As of now there are some issues that are effecting the product right now. the issues are as follows.

  • Dead on Arrival
  • Random Crashes and Lockups
  • Surface Book systems working fine until they're updated, following which they fail to load.
  • Surface Book systems failing to boot when in the dock.
  • Detaching the Surface Book from the dock results in an error (the most common being related to Search UI)
  • Strange screen color temperature issue when scrolling web pages.
  • Random display driver crashes displayed every 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Random Trackpad Freezes.
  • Problems physically connecting / disconnecting the dock, with some users ending up with the screen half-disconnected.
  • A screen wobble due to a weight imbalance between the screen and keyboard.
  • No ambient light sensor controlling the brightness of the backlit keys.
  • Concerns about the strength of the hinge.
  • Dell 34″ U-Wide cannot be used with the dock. Screen goes black every 2-3 minutes for 10 seconds or so.
  • Cannot boot with the dock.
  • Playing MPEG files on the laptop works fine, playing them connected to the dock will give an unable to decode error sometimes, program closes other times, and plays. After it errors out 2-3 times it refuses to play until reboot.
  • Going to a web page where there are a lot of animations or movement causes a black screen, won't come back until
    you undock / redock the Surface.

This is very massive list of issues. if you seriously want a surface right now it's best to wait. mind you some of these issues are Surface Book related. but it's expected on the Surface Pro 4 as well.

AMD is on the verge of dropping the R9-380x which is an Antigua XT based GPU (Or a Revamped Tonga) it will feature similar but better specifications as the R9-380. here's a comparison..

Now to add on to the rumor mill; there is some rumors stating it performs exactly under the R9-290. which begs the question. WHY DO YOU EXIST? Either way it's allegedly coming in November and probably to compete with the 960. which is strange because the R9-380 beats the 960 anyways so why the existence of the card to begin with..

Catalyst Omega 2.0 is coming in November and is allegedly going to be an significant upgrade over Catalyst Omega 1.0 (Which was released in 2014)

Catalyst Omega 2.0 drivers are expected to launch at the same time as last year, according to the report. Which means that we are looking at AMD making this a regular thing with significant upgrades to the Catalyst Omega which is delivered yearly. While there is not much details on what exactly the update will deliver this time. all we there is to know is updates on all the stuff delivered last year. which added support for Freesync for example and added a lot of worthy features. this was delivered last year

November is looking to be an exciting month for technology. hopefully we get some worthy upgrades that live up to the hype or it may be a very very bad christmas.

Microsoft Sources:

AMD Sources:


I guess the argument could be made that the Surface Book was probably rushed, since it's so dysfunctional.

It's new technology, nothing comes working right out the gate. But that's what happens when you invest onto a product on day one. But good thing these issues got caught so quickly.

That's true. Like you said, though: it's a good thing these issue were caught early on. I still would like to get my hands on a Surface Book.

shameless bump to inform the community of champions.

The Surface problems are serious. Glad I stuck with the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft should know how to fix the issues. They are on generation 4 of the Surface Pro. Problems like this, on a fourth generation product, is unacceptable. Maybe some problems with the Surface Book are acceptable. It is first gen, after all. But not this many problems. Like @wendell said, fire the testing guy and hire him.

Also @Kat, I love these posts. Please keep posting Tek Rumors.

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I did 3 already. I'm TRYING to do one a week. but college has been taking up my time. despite me sort of procrastinating and hanging in the lounge a bit too much lol


For AMD, at this point in time, I'm ONLY interested in their Linux driver development. Couldn't care less what else AMD have up their sleeve for Windows or other hardware!

yeah AMD is doing bad, they have put the Linux development on Hold. believe or not. Linux is NOT what makes them successful at this point.

AMD have people working on Linux, check Kernel 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 code pushes, lots of code from AMD for a new kernel driver, and I suspect Vulkan will tie in at some point also.

Kernel 4.3 is going final soon, but I don't think we will see anything useful until Kernel 4.4..

I'm currently on Kernel 4.2 myself. and according to a few benchmarks right now, AMD is STILL not on the ball for Linux yet. AMD needs to focus on getting their Windows shit together before focusing on Linux. if Zen doesn't do well on WIndows. expect AMD to either be bought or go under. Linux will NOT keep them alive.

I may finally move away from my 14.12 omega... to the new omega... hopefully will be omega stable like the 14:12 i am using... But i will wait for reviews and things...

what GPU do you have a 7970 or something?

270X Toxic...

And you've had issues with recent drivers?

No, i am still using the 14:12 or whatever... I just wanted a stable work and 14:12 gave me stability like a brick wall... I have heard about some issues with the 15,7 omega or whatever version they were, and they won't really give me anything over my current ones, so i didn't move to it...
Now i may move for some extra couple of FPS here and there... Or whatever features...

yeah it's been a while. I'm on 15.10 Beta drivers and i haven't had an issue yet. at least for me i haven't noticed anything.

The Surfacebook did seem to good to be true. I knew there were gonna be issues but that is quite a few problems to fix. Seems like a few are software related though, so hopefully they can patch them out. I really want to see the Surfacebook be a success, docking stations with GPU's is the future we deserve. lol