Tek Rumors 0001: Google may release their Apps on Windows 10

I have a lot of free time, so I'm thinking of doing this every week in a series to get my "writing skills" up to par just for the fun of it. Writing about rumors that are being mentioned In the tech community. I don't know if I should continue doing this or not. but here's my start.. on a sidenote, i don't know if i should report on multiple rumors or just one in general. (if you can give me feedback that would be awesome)

The two Software giants have settled their Patent disputes for reasons truly unknown. Some say they will work together and some say it's to stop the non-sense. HOWEVER, there is now a rumor mill stating Microsoft and Google may ACTUALLY be working together. Now i know what you're probably thinking, Microsoft is the new evil on the block spying on us, now we have Google working with them.. That's an absolute match made in hell.. not in heaven. but for Windows users this is a good thing, it will bring more people to the Windows Ecosystem on the mobile space. Now what could this mean if this turns out to be true?

Well, you'll have dedicated Google Apps on Windows 10. so this is (Google Drive, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Play Music and more) Now the paranoia about Data mining and spying is still very strong from the tech community... but the numbers on Windows 10 keeps on growing and growing. Which is starting to make a point, that the the general consumer doesn't care about a big company spying on them.. Microsoft just reported that they've reached the 1 Million milestone already and it's continuing to grow... if you don't already know the math, that's 1/1000th of Microsoft's Goal of getting "A BILLION USERS ON WINDOWS!!" Now if you don't know the history, Microsoft under Steve Ballmer was pretty stigmatizing. Because he was very antagonistic, and had great ideas that looked good on paper, but were poorly executed. For example Windows 8, Windows RT (Which was a massive failure) and how we can we forget the legendary rant.. DEVELOPERS DEVELOPER DEVELOPERS! but really didn't show any compassion for them..

My personal thoughts on the matter?

if this turns out to be true, this will be a Win in Microsoft's book. because realistically speaking, the Windows App store was a massive turd. but after Windows 10 it is slowly growing with quality applications. the process is slow but it's actually showing some progress. and something like this would just might get the developers on the ball. "Oh Google is Cosigning them? Oh I'll make an App for Windows now.."

What are you thoughts on this? is this a match made in hell? do you think this a good thing?

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I think it's a match made in hell and a good thing. A match in hell because they have never done anything for each other, until Microsoft brought all their apps to Android. A good thing because lots of Windows users, like myself, use Google services for things like Calendar, YouTube, Google Drive, and other things. I really hope this is true. This will be great for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

yeah but is something like this going to make you jump on WIndows 10 despite the spying allegations? assuming you aren't using it.

Great read! cant wait for 0010


Not sure if I read it on slashdot or heard it on the tek but the likely situation is that after a judge threw out 100+ patent cases, google/microsoft didn't want theirs to get thrown out as well, since its a source of revenue for them. Its also possible for you to get google apps on windows now anyways it just requires you to have chrome installed. Just type chrome://apps in your browser. works in linux as well. And really google wouldn't be gaining anything from having their apps on microsoft's store AND if they did im sure they could just do it without a partnership.

You have to understand as well, that Google's apps are free. But they are making money when you use it. Cause they know you have an Android device.

It would make sense seeing that the Google Play Store is full of Microsoft apps that google would reciprocate with apps for the Windows Store. Google has been platform agnostic since the beginning, it's Microsoft new toy. They have already made tools for developers to convert iOS and Android apps compatible with Windows App system. There have been murmurings within the Windows Phone community of Android apps running on WP. What if MS and Google agree to make it possible to run Android apps right across the Windows App ecosystem? Build a wrapper or compatibility layer??

It'd be good for current Windows mobile users, suprisingly i know like 2 people who are die hard Windows Phone users. They're excited for something like this.

Similarly though, this would be nice to have on the desktop as well, instead of doing everything from the browser, now you have your own dedicated app. But i think if you're busy the notification sound going on and off over and over again will be a tad annoying.

What you did there I SEE IT.

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clever Kai is clever ;)

I am, actually. I need the continuum. It improved my workflow big time. Plus, it came on my Surface Pro 3.

this is hurting my heart cause I'm in the market for a laptop OR tablet. for school.. and i wanted to try out Linux.. the Microsoft event is now making me backtrack. should i get a surface pro 4? or the Dell inspiron.

Continue to do this it could go well with the regular tek

I rolled back. But there were no networking drivers. I had to download the drivers from Microsoft's Surface site. But, Windows Update installed Windows 10 because I reserved it at a previous date.

The Surface Pro 4 looks great. But with it being thinner, I'm worried about battery life and thermal throttling.