Tek Audio only (doesn't work too well)

Hey guys since there is a demand for audio-only Tek and I have a little python script that I watch videos with I thought I might share a modified version. It requires python 3.x, livestreamer (pip install livestreamer) and vlc/a different player.

It really doesn't work too well, it won't let you skip ahead (or even go back for that matter) so it's a very crude solution. But since I don't see a different one and this works for some people I thought I might share it anyway. Just run it from cmd (runs just fine under Linux too (used it on Arch and Ubuntu), never tested on Mac) and paste the youtube url. Hope this hacky solution works for anyone, have fun with it.

from subprocess import call

def loop():
print("Enter url.")
call(["livestreamer", getInput(), "audio_mp4"])

def getInput():
i = input()
while len(i) == 0:
print("Input length is 0.")
i = input()
return i


Youtube-dl for linux also has a function for getting an mp3 copy of a video. That's what I usually use in an instance like this.

The command syntax for that would be like this:

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <video URL>
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We will have all of them available in podcast form very soon.

Why all of them? I don't foresee a lot of people listening to the old ones.

I would definitely like to get all of them. I spend an hour a day on the bus and this would make my trip allot more interesting.

Could I recommend posting them in torrent form. I would gladly add them to my list of always seeds.


I'm watching the old ones. Episode 54 is great. I'd love to see them in podcast form :)

I guess I was wrong. Either way it's a good thing :)


Yea that's way better.

+1 to this. I'd seed them as well. I would enjoy listening to the past episodes.

I've only been watching the tek for the last 6 months but I've already seen all 200 episodes lol... Im a truck driver that just setup a Playlist on my phone and I listen to it while I drive 14 hours a day.