.TECH domain privacy

Wendell has been pushing the .tech domains in his videos lately and I have been considering getting my own. However I am concerned about the privacy issues, I do not want my physical address, phone number, or name publicly viewable on my domains whois record.

After checking wendell.tech's whois record [] I noticed some of his information is missing, I know there are ways of hiding information but they often incur additional costs and still involve giving out details, just in a less public manner.

My question to @Wendell is, can one register a .tech domain name without giving away their personal information and what steps can one take to minimise the amount of public information visible on a whois record (I notice you put your name and country in the street field, are you allowed to do that stuff)

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Good point. I didn't think they would publish so much info as standard, but also didn't look close enough at the EULA/ contract I signed up to when I registered a domain.
Can't fault anyone but myself...
Don't regret signing up, but made me think for next time :-)

Oh, and some other services might offer whois privacy as standard, but they didn't choose to support the Tek, so haven't earned any acknowledgement here...

Another solution,
I did register my .tech domain at OVH... You can hide all the whois information with them and it's easy and free

Some places provide whois privacy, some dont. Some domains come with standard for private individuals (.eu .uk, etc)

if .tech allow you can put whatever you want in the domain registration info.

(i also removed the link fyi)