Tech Company Wage Fixing

I just read an article at

about tech companies colluding to hold wages down.

I learned about from

It' seems odd you wouldn't have mentioned this.

I want to say it was mentioned in an episode of The Tek a while back.  I don't remember which one, but I do vaguely remember them talking about it briefly.  I could be misremembering though, so don't quote me.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're actually thinking of the ram price fixing case. The one where you may now be able to claim back some cash if you bought a device using ram within the time period where the price was maintained artificially high.

No. The article was about wage fixing.

If it was discussed in a previous inbox.exe, my bad. I may have missed it.

I just thought it was a significant event that people should be aware of.

Known problem I guess, that's why open source custom development is so popular with a lot of devs, once they have a certain skill set, they can't make the money that goes with the skills in closed source software. I applaud it, it reflects the market: the good devs get to keep copyright, get paid high wages per hour for custom open source development (open source protects them from any strongarming by the closed source mafia), they win on all fronts, the mediocre devs get to work in a closed source software sweatshop, and get robbed out of their copyright if they do come up with something brilliant... that situation is also reflected in the software quality difference.

And EA says "at least we are not on that list"