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Teamfight Tactics Discussion and Theorycrafting


Not sure if a thread for Teamfight Tactics already exists, but i couldn’t find one, so here goes.

I’ve been hooked since it went live. I really love this game. I’ve been grinding the ranked mode since it released and hit Silve 2 yesterday. I never ranke LoL before really. After my Placement games, i place Bronze 4 and have been steadily climbing since.

For now, i’m tracking my games by hand in a Google Spreadsheet. Maybe we can update this, when some sort of automatic Tracker gets released. I’m a data geek. I love data and the more i have on my games the better.

So far, i’ve gotten great Results from Demon-Shapeshifters. If you can Tier 2 a Varus early, he can carry you really far and he scales well with Items and Tier 3.
Else being 1 Cost now, only helps. I think it’s one of the strongest Comps that doesn’t require a major restructuring mid Match. It scales really well up to level 8 with Swain and Brand. Plus you don’t really to much on Items compared to other comps.

Glacial Rangers has been working great out of ranked, but is a tough sell early game. You are missing a lot of stun potential and get rolled by tanky or Assassin comps.
Additionally you basically require a 5 Cost unit in Anivia for your comp to work, and you heavily rely on Bows/RFC/Rage Blade to get enough stuns of. Without those, you aren’t getting enough mana and damage through. So in ranked, it didn’t work to well for me.

Feel free to throw anything about this game in here. I’m mostly interested in what Teams worked well for you, which Items are strong on the current patch, and general discussion on what should/could/might work or not. Just, some Theorycrafting. I’ll be back at it after work to maybe hit Gold today.

(Edit: changed the thread title, as “TFT” might be a bit ambiguous.)



I like TFT but it’s just way to wildly unbalanced and buggy. It should have stayed on the pbe for a while longer. I also feel like there’s not much content to it. People play the same things over and over. I wish that item drops happened more often too because the rng often screws you.

All in all it’s a fun game. I just can’t seem to have much fun with it.

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I personally think that would make it even harder to balance. At the moment, Items are really powerfull. So building a comp around the items you get is necessary. More Items would just mean, that the overall Powerlevel goes way up and some stacking gets totally OP.
I think, either an Itemshop could be a solution, or drop even fewer Items. I’m consistently able to get double Rage blade in matches. I think this is a tad to high.

Agree on the first part. Haven’t had buggs myself yet, though i’ve seen enough streamers face weird stuff.
I like that Riot does put out stuff early and is agressive with patches. I’ve been playing Hearthstone and Overwatch, both are insanely slow when it comes to changes. The recent patch also fixed a lot of stuff.
But yes, it’s Beta for a reason. And some units are plain to powerfull while other’s wouldn’t be played for free.



Its catch 22 though because you cant necessarily build the comp that would fit your item set so you’re forced to sit on them.



I mean, yes, you don’t get the “optimal” Comp-Item combination every game. I don’t think that’s necessary though. This would make the game even more stale. There would be a defined set of Optimal combinations each patch. You build them or you loose.

At the moment, each player has the same Problem of having limited Items and Units. Some games all comes together and you win full health, others not so much. But on average, it should work out. Plus i think it’s a skill to recognize what you get, what you can do with it and thinking a bit outside of the box. There are 56 Items you can build. Something usefull should be around every game.



Thats already how it is IMO. Theres not enough different comps to run to make it feel like you have options.



I feel like there is an actual set of “best” comps. Sure. But as yourself, most players you play against won’t be able to assemble those very often.
I agree, that a lot of the units need work to either make them viable or nerf them a bit. The question is, how do you do that? Knights are notorously bad atm. But buffing them, so 4 or 6 Knights is a viable comp would make the incredibly OP in other Comps. Same for Rangers. They are bad early game. What do you change without them spiraling out of control late game?

Items are not a good way to fix this. All Items, by design, apply to all champions the same and are based on base stats. More or buffed items only increases the overall powerlevel and doesn’t fix comp problems.



I’m not talking about like super late game demon gnar or anything crazy. I’m talking about things that are clearly kinda broken that you either go for or you get crapped on. Like glacial buff for instance. Its not that hard to get.

you’re missing the point I’m making. Its like the same 5 things people go for because its very clearly broken. If you dont roll nat 20 on items and get the rolls for the champs in those broken comps you dont get to compete. There needs to be more item drop chance and also more comps. Its not going to make the game stale because its already stale. Too much of it relies on RNG… My idea is add more broken stuff, which is the way LoL used to be and the way DotA still is. You dont nerf the crap out of broken things until everything is viable. You add more broken things. It brings fun to the game.

The game in its current state is a time waster while waiting for your friend to get back so you can get into normals. Its terrible competitively and suffers from the same problem as regular LoL. Your fate is NOT in your hands. Its why the game has gone so far downhill.

Without more comps to go, more options to take, the game wont be very competitive. I’ve been playing it since it was on PBE and it honestly it should have never been moved to the public servers. Its totally incomplete.

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I can’t argue with that. I’ve not played it on PBE, so i might not be at that point yet, since i haven’t been playing for so long. Currently it’s marked as Beta and that’s what it feels like. The last patch shows that Riot is willing to go in heavy handed and that’s fine.

I mainly enjoy having a game like that, that i can actually play with my friends. With Magic or Hearthstone or such, they are usually out. Autochess is similar enough for me to enjoy it (at the moment) while also being able to take my friends with me.

As for the future, i feel like the goal you have in mind for the game is something i can get behind. I’m just not sure if items are the way. But we’ll see i guess.

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Yeah, I think the problem is the whole game will have to be reworked. If there was say, double the champions… Double the options for comps. You either need more gold per round so you can reroll twice as often or you need more options than whats presented to you.

I do like the idea of the game and what it could be. I just think riot didnt do their best work to make it the game it could have been.

Also demon gnar is actually disgusting if you ever get to try that.

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