Team HyperNova

Hey guys, this is gonna seem like some shameless selfwhoring but I promise it will not go unrewarded.


Currently this is a project I'm trying to get off of the ground as an organization, we're currently in the process of acquiring a CSGO team, as well as having a streamer trying to start a LoL team, and we will be picking up a Dota 2 team sometime soon. The thing is, we're trying to draw interest from sponsors and such, so we would need a following and stuff. I'm not asking you to follow our every move or anything, but the greater the member count, the greater our chances are at succeeding for our project.

As a way to kick things of, we're giving away 5 copies of Metro 2033 to 5 random people in the group in a couple of days, and we are also currently working on a website and some other stuff that I'll talk about in the future.

By the way, Sheehan is our streaming guy, you can catch him streaming here quite a bit.

We are in the process of trying to get a capture card for him, so you guys, if you ever can and see that he's live or follow him or anything, he's a nice guy and he's always active with people in the chat, so you should check out his stream. We also just finished making him a background for his channel and we'll make some more stuff with it tomorrow for him, you can see the background as we were testing it here :

But anyway guys, TL;DR

We're a new group and just need some members, you may be rewarded with a free game and some other stuff in the future if we can get our hands on some more things to give away.

If i would join could i get to play whit you people or would I just give my name as "support".

do you invite members of the group to play whit you or justplay by your selfs. i would like to join in a group where i get invited to games and get to compete or play whit people i know /(get to know)

and last: in what servers you play in, in US servers i get over 200 latency because im from finland


I'm a pretty good DOTA2 player

It's an organization, think of things like, coL, Evil Geniuses, Area 51, 4not, etc. It's not really much of a community thing, it's actual competetive teams that we will be sending to lans and tournaments and such. In order for us to get some sponsorship interest (which would help us) We do need number so people can see that we are serious. I don't ask to do this and give nothing back, which is why I'm giving away some game keys for people that might have missed the free Metro giveaway, and I'm going to be giving away more stuff into the future.

I don't know much about Dota 2, but you can talk to nirym, he is trying to get together a dota 2 team, he plays it a lot and is supposedly pretty good at it.

He's also the other half of the Hypernova 'staff' if you will, he also plays dota all the time.

I'm in. Don't mind. Use to be very competitive back in CoD2 days. Was CAL-M. But stopped since my team had died out from competitive... I guess i can come back and learn the ropes for CSGO or any other competitive game.