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Tandem Connection Monitoring

I am looking into setting up TCM on a link with multiple nodes. (Having never worked with TCM before)

  1. When it comes to setting up sources and syncs, do I need to set up sources and syncs for every node in the chain or just the end points of each TCM level? (I.E. will TCM data be forwarded through nodes without TCM setup to nodes with their sources and syncs set?)

  2. If I set every device (eg. a<->b<->c) to have its sources and syncs set to TCM1 would I get information from every node or do I need to utilise separate TCM channels (eg. TCM1= a<->b & TCM2 = a<–>C)

If there is anyone here that has worked on a similar problem I would appreciate any input, otherwise I shall play around on my equipment and fill in the answers to my own questions when I work it out for other people to reference.