Talk me into/out of EVE

I've had a long time interest in EVE, but have been a little scared of getting into it (because I have heard stories of how ruthless the player base can be)
With the winter sale going on, the starter pack is on a discount and I am considering it.

Should I get EVE, or not? why?

Do you like spread sheets?

if yes get it
if no don't get it. :)

So while that is a bit of a joke as they have been working to make the game work for people who do not want to spend hours going over what will actually get you a profitable build or let do exactly what you want there is still a fair bit of that.

If you stay in a state corp and learn the rules for combat you should be fine, but once you get into a player corp things get challenging.


you can go get a 14 day trial for free bro

I'd say it's more a question of whether or not you would like to spend mounds of time learning and exploring the universe to get anywhere. Eve hasn't been a spreadsheet game in years. People who keep saying this haven't played it lately and I encourage you to experience the savage land for yourself. If you have an individual send you a link you actually increase the amount of time that you are allowed to play it to 21 days so. Would you like to play?

Don't do EVE. Played it for 12 years. You will either hate it or it will suck you in. Game took to much of free time and prevented me from playing other games.

But then again, it's probably the only mmo that properly allows the players to generate the social content.

Going a bit off topic and proably something you're not willing to wait for but I'd suggest waiting for Star Citizen, the game looks amazing so far and we've still got a lot more to come.

Currently waiting for it myself, and the game looks like it's going to be amazing! Here's a small video where they demo of the procedurally generated planet system


Yes I am interested in Star Citizen but, the $45 starter pack is 4x more expensive than the EVE starter pack...not to mention, I don't really support early access games: too many promise that can be too easily broken or "changed".

I'll give it a shot.

I think I would be happy if it sucked me in, all of 2015 I feel like I have struggled to find a game to get invested in.

This is something I really want. After the disappointment of Black Desert promising this but turning back on it, I have been even more interested in a player-driven MMO much in the way of EVE's raw community.

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Yeah, too bad the gameplay is pretty ass.

The thing is with Eve, you MUST dedicate an incredible amount of time into it, or else it is not even close to worth it. But if you DO dedicate that time, it really flourishes.
I don't know how to explain it, it becomes more of a regularity as opposed to a game if that makes any sense.

The learning curve is very frustrating, but it is so worth it in the end.

I played for 5 years for about 7-8 hours a day, but had to stop because I couldn't dedicate that much time anymore. I just enjoy it TOO MUCH. Very comparable to alcoholism, except much better.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, there are a million different ways to play the game and I would be happy to point you in the direction of something you might enjoy.

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It's very similar to WoW in the sense you either play it ALL the time or you suck...

The main argument for or against boils down to... "if you have a life at all (e.g. job, girlfriend, friends that you care about)... not worth the time to be mediocre... if you don't, and want to make a primal life decision to be a badass in EVE... go for it"...

No judging here... do what fits your life criteria...

The funny thing about eve is I was at the point were I would only play on the weekends and maybe once a week. Once you hit the top tiers of the game you really only log on for fights or events. You will have enough in game income being made passively grinding isn't necessary. EVE is more about skill than time or level in game.

EVE is very much a social experience. Players enemies and allies alike are your content. That can be a turn off for some because the solo experience in EVE is pretty terrible.

How many years of grinding did it take to get to that top tier? Could you log in after being dormant for 3 months and still be relevant?

And how many teams would be willing to keep you on roster if you play casually/infrequently given that you are an advanced player (and that's assuming that)?

Games like EVE and WoW tend to be sinkholes of RL social relevance

I was dormant after a year and came back to being one of the top PVPers in my alliance within a week.

I was in 0.0 after 3 months of play actually. EVE isn't level based (skill training is passive) so there isn't a right or wrong way to play.

I was PVPer. Alliances need PVPers. We would schedule roams (looking to pick a fight) and ops (invading/defending space) I played it similar to a FPS.

I know a guy who still flies tech frigates because he finds them fun. Watched him kill tech 3 cruisers. So even money isn't a big deal there are plenty of ways to finance you activities with out too much (few hours here and there) Faction warfare, market trading and exploration are pretty easy ways for new player to make tons of ISK (ingame currency). None of those forms of income take much time.

I made money by market trading. Most alliances don't mind if you aren't on all the time. EVE's player base is a lot older than most other MMOs. I would go out to sea in the Navy for months and still have a place in my corp. Our CEO (corp leader) took off a couple of months because she had a child. You just have to meet like minded people.

Grinding is only something you do if you like it not because you have to.

Well my apologies with grouping it with WoW...

I've never played EVE and I bottled it up with the other MMORPG I've played which keeps you on a constant quest for the relevant... However, since EVE is mostly user-created, I don't guess that's ever a problem...

In WoW, they generally keep an expansion open just long enough for top tier people to have all the top tier gear and play with it a while, then make all the grind completely irrelevant due to a new expansion... once they release it... people take a minute to learn the mechanics, gain gear, and slowly be able to progress to the end-game... classes aren't hard enough to play to make gear irrelevant... there's only goodies and baddies in WoW e.g. get out of the fire... etc... however... the return on a baddie with gear that does get of the fire vs somebody completely optimizing combat every spell cast isn't apparent because the gear dictates how much DPS... etc and so forth...

If you can log in once a week and own via skill level then I might take it up :)

The learning curve is kind of a cliff though.

WOW is a theme park while EVE is a sandbox. Different people like different styles. WOW has been successful getting people to return because of it's Skinner box approach.

EVE is slow burn though until shit hits fan. And since there is not much hand holding and things like theft, scamming and piracy are all legal forms of game play. Treat people as you would in real life and it isn't a problem.

EVE has been nicked named a Schadenfreude simulator. Example:

If you have the time to invest in it then it can be fun and very sci-fi but I just could not afford it in terms of time cost. Maybe when I retire if we still have a planet that can support computers and we aren't playing fallout in real life :/

@Quixotic_Autocrat and @arlekiin

Yeah, I've been watching some gameplay and I just don't think it's for me. It'll just have to be one of those games I appreciate from the side lines.

Its not for everyone and I haven't played for about a year now. There are some problems with the meta game right now. They are doing a lot to change game play and I will wait till things have stabilized.

Or if Valkrie or Dust 514 finally get released on PC I will come back.

Pretty cool that you can use the same character in 3 games.