Taking a hard drive apart

hey, this hard drive died!, wont even power on, sad, i wanted to watch it spin!

you need a star bit to unscrew it

hidden screws everywhere!


wonder what the hole is for

had to pry it open, sticky gasket

you can see the gasket on the underside of the top
platter so shinny

another dead external HD

huh, a samsung HD

HD in the external's caddy

i'll work further on tearing both of them apart. does anyone know what else can be re-purposed from a dead HD's other than the magnet?

The controller boards can be useful for repairs, granted it would have to be the exact same model of hard drive same firmware etc. The disks themselves make pretty good mirrors :)

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Or coasters ;)

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The disks are 3.5" in diameter (ok, ok 3.74") so they make for nice coasters. Those magnets are awesome


platters are great for throwing ;) since they are so balanced, they go really far and straight.



And shatter on impact

no they are metal not glass. can withstand quite the beating. throw it hard enough on you will get faster read speeds.

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Not sure what planet you're on

hmm. my old hdd had metal platters.

They're made of an alloy

If the motors are still running, they could be incredibly useful.

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If you loosen up the heads and the drive was failing due to heads being locked up and stuck on the platter, you could use it for a hard drive.

2.5'' inch platters shatter with ease, 3.5'' on the other hand are durable.

I have bag full of ball bearings and magnets from the 100's of HDD's I've taken apart. (IT internship ftw)


Lucky you.