Take back your Windows 10 Privacy!

these get broken over time, and w10 doesn’t even honor its own set group policies

placebo at best if you’re doing it baremetal and you care about privacy.

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that’s unreasonable though. Linux is trash for creative or production tasks in the vast majority of cases. Not everyone just does sysadmin and gaming.

This is down to the individuals requirements. Not everyone needs the latest CAD software, or Adobe suite for content production. Although i agree generally it is a compromise… but then W10 is a privacy compromise.

All software and hardware choices are compromises.

well @tkoham since you seem to have a lot of feedback. I suggest you propose a solution for the common user not the techie. Im curious what you have to offer and put on the table :slight_smile:

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Things you can’t do on linux in creative fields efficiently:

non destructive photo editing

use industry standard sound design or instrument plugins

Realtime mastering or production for audio

Use most popular powerful OSC controllers

production publishing and printing

anything that needs collaborative pipeline support without massive in house development effort

basically any creative software that doesn’t need a render farm doesn’t have a linux version.

unraid or another commercial hypervisor.

or a hardware firewall appliance.

I was thinking @PhaseLockedLoop thread was aimed at casuals and noobs… your talking about industrial grade production on a home workstation.

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This absolutely matters though. Even if it’s a hobby no one wants subpar results or to work twice as long for the same result.

this thread is about windows 10 privacy, not pretending you can replace it for all productivity needs.

I use linux for pro video production but even I don’t pretend it’s the best platform for 99% of people.

Most all the things you mention can be achieved in Linux. But your right, that’s nothing to do with privacy, it was you who brought up the productivity angle. I was referring to typical rich media consumption as is how most normal people use their PC.

lets not trash up the thread anymore. Carry on @PhaseLockedLoop :+1:

I just said it wasn’t reasonable to expect everyone to replace w10 and gave an example of a segment of people who would not be able to. Wasn’t trying to get off in the weeds.

Anyway back on topic, bottom line is, you can set up a pi hole with rules for windows telemetry or a consumer tuned hypervisor once, instead of hunting for new fixes for every major version release of w10 and not ever knowing if what you do is in any way effectual in the first place

Way better in terms of peace or mind and labor involved over time IMO

a Pi hole is a great way to manage DNS.

Well, If i really had to run w10 and had no other choice, then i would just put it into a separate VLAN and put nothing of importance on the machine and push it out of the network.
Or just put each instance on their own VLAN ( production / Gaming / Casual ) etc…

that’s an option too, yeah.

At home I just have my pfsense box cache updates as they release and block all the rest of it, but the same could be done on simpler, more user friendly appliance hw.

Or I boot up a VM that’s not allowed to communicate on the network in certain ways. This could also be done in a commercial turnkey product like unraid.

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While I love the conversation and dont see it as “dirtying up the thread” and encourage it to continue… Try to bear in mind we are technically competent. Asking others to be as such is difficult and its further complicated by the fact that the average user would take a bit of learning to take on these level solutions. Not that they are not effective

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You can have the best of all if you combine VM, VLAN and DNS management like a Pi or PFsense hosts list for the same effect… Network segregation seems like a no brainer considering we are entering the age of smart home devices.

But i digress…

I think the idea of making a launcher with these scripts for noobs is a great idea. But the sands do shift quite often @tkoham mentioned. So it would require frequent updates.

I’m not saying “just build a custom pfsense box” at all. The reason I mentioned pi hole is because it’s turnkey on cheap common hardware

the reason I mention unraid is because it’s a commercial product that automates a lot of the second option and comes with an expectation of support that’s accessible to non-technical people.

Slightly more upfront work for a huge boost in return for this particular issue

I think of it like this:

Do you protest on the streets of china when the party passes a law you don’t like,

or do you emigrate

Im not sure i get the analogy.

W10 works to defeat anything that modifies their platform in a way they find undesireable. They might already do so silently (it’s been proven that they do in other cases)

doing it outside that system solves the same problem once, no or very little maintenance needed.

not a perfect analogy because peasants being paid per brick to knock down a town devastated by the 3 gorges dam might not have the money to pack up and leave, but same idea. Much easier in the small tech problem context.

If you fundamentally don’t trust a system to respect something you value as important, why would you trust it to respect your changes?

Okay I am curious and want to gather your response to this. Do you expect a user with the average level of computer competence to setup a firewall or is running a script a more convenient first step while they explore other options?