Tahiti Crossfire?

I know that an HD 7950 and 7970 can crossfire because they use the same 79xx tahiti core. even though one has a 256 less shader units.

We also say you can crossfire a new r9 280X (rebranded 7970) with a normal 7970.

I'm asking is there anything stopping a 280X from crossfireing with a 7950? Out of curiosity.

I would think it's possible.

Any negative confirmations?

it will work, might either have to over clock the 7950 to match or underclock the 7970

i highly doubt it, might lose those nifty new features of the 280x though (audio, vga/hdmi/dvi not having to share only 2 connections)

280x doesn't have the trueaudio. Only the actual new cores have it. since it's a 7970 (tahiti) rebrand the 280x doesn't have it.

I don't think the display outs would affect it? Would it? SIDE NOTE: and as for NO analog(vga) support i think that's 290 only

I'm not really talking performance numbers so much as i am it actually working.