Tablets, Steam, and Java

I picked up a cheap Asus TF201 with Keyboard because everyone was scared about no GPS. I really like the price, keyboard, metal back (feels sturdy), and Tegra processor. I have mupen64plus to emulate Legend of Zelda and I might get Dolphin because I think the 1.5 Quad Tegra might handle it.

End of intro, start of question.

What is the relationship between Java and Android? Can I write Jars and execute them on Android? Android is Linux so I would think so but how? Also, can I program on Android? I have a keyboard.

If I had a linux version of steam, could it run on Android? Elder Scrolls is probably out of the question but maybe terraria and maybe even portal. I feel like mobile is equated to phones but this tablet feels like it has enough power to actually run some things, just maybe on lower settings. tegra zone is proof of that.

I guess I'll add this. Could I emulate Windows XP? there are some exe's like word 2003 that would be nice to have with this tablet until google docs works offline. (I don't have money for a data plan so don't suggest that I tether).



I'm not a programmer however Eclipse is the current popular way.

Java can be programmed through Eclipse, NetBeans, even Notepad with a command line compiler ON A DESKTOP. I want to know if my tablet that is pretty much a netbook is capable of editing, compiling, and running java code.

I don't know if you can program on it however it's a transformer so it should have windows on it right? I didn't see windows listed in the specs but from what I know of the transformer line they can switch between windows/android. prog on windows and hop on android. other than that, I dunno.