Tabletop RPG streaming ala TekSyndicate Castle & Crusades?

Hi TekSyndicate and Community

I came across @Logan , @Pistol 's stream of Castles & Crusades on beer games beer's YouTube channel over the weekend and I loved it (see here: )! Specifically I found it really useful as background for my coding work, What I liked about it was that it was so relaxed. People joked, there was some good TekSyndicate- brand humor and the drinking made the campaign more hilarious the later it got with a nicely laid back focus on progressing the story.

It made the sometimes lonely process of coding so much more enjoyable. Unfortunately I watched the entire thing but ran out of episodes.

I tried to identify alternatives, but most streams are a little too serious for me. People are generally meeting via video chat, don't like to break character etc. All of that is fine, and entertaining in its own right but not the kind of experience I am looking for while coding.

I am wondering whether anyone would be able to suggest any tabletop RPG streams/ podcasts that fit the description above: Relaxed where people come together just to have a great time.

Alternatively (@Logan), of course, some more TekSyndicate - original Tabletop RPG streaming would be even more appreciated.