Tabletop managed switch with VLAN

Looking for recommendations that match these specs.

Managed (ideally cli and not gui/web)
Silent without fans
5-12 ports
Doesn’t have to be L3
Gigabit RJ45
No need for optical

Reliable and no fuss, not a fan of Netgear unless you know a really solid model. Stuff like Cisco 3560cx is a bit too pricy for this project.

Was looking at HP 1820 but not familiar with them so happy to hear your opinions.

Look at CSS326 , or CRS326 if you want a more interesting firmware (and a bit more ram/flash to house it)

Sure, but I’m looking for something smaller, that’s 24 port rack mounted. But their CRS112-8G-4S-IN might be interesting.

Seems expensive for the spec, IMHO, the 24port one with 2x10G SFP+ is the same price… and the SFP…, but this one is compact.

I have one of their older CRS serious 24 port, they’re relatively compact and lightweight, except for the width. It’s perfectly possible to rotate the rack mounting ears by 90 degrees and use them to screw the switch into a particle board, or just bluetac / velcro mount it if you have the space.

Can you share more about your project, what do you need this for?

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Price is a fair point, what about sound? The 24p seems to have a fan?

the “fan” from the pictures is just placement for one, it is not populated. they’re reusing the enclosure format.

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Great! Thanks!