Tablet for school?

Hey i'm looking for a tablet that i can actually take notes with a stylus or something on and won't detect the rest of my hand on the tablet when writing. So instead of taking notes with a pen and paper and then loose those notes everything could be well organised in one place and on the tablet. Any suggestions?

Nexus 7

Yeah but can i actually write on it like you would normally do with pen and paper?

i know windows tablets have that software built in, to do exactly what your asking but i dont know about android tabs

I have an ASUS TF300T, its great for the money and the additional keyboard is a huge plus, for school/pruductivity there is a lot of functionality in this tablet, especially with an office application. I strongly recomend looking into this one.


Maybe you should try a laptop plus a Wacom tablet. I use a Wacom Bamboo Create for AutoDesk Sketchbook and Photoshop. The stylus it uses doesn't have batteries and won't detect the rest of your hand. It's some straight witchcraft stuff.

tablets are shit for taking notes on with a stylus......the only remotely piratical way is with handwriting recognition that will try and turn your scribbles into text, but the constant need to correct it makes it far slower then typing or writing with a pen on paper.

Get something with a keyboard or a do the far more sensible thing of getting a pen and pad and put the money you would have spent into the back of the book, and then you may be less likely to loses your notes!.

Get a Lenovo X230/X220/X201 Tablet or 2760p/ 2740p. Those are convertible tablets that can run a full Windows OS. They all have both finger and stylus support, but when you put the pen near the screen it disables finger touch. For a pure slate, look into Motion Computing tablets. If the first three are too expensive( look in Ebay), you can get a TC4400, T4410, T4220/T4215, T5010, 2730p, X61/X200 tablet, TX2500, TX2000, XT2, XT3, XT, TX, and TM2. All of them are on Ebay right now.

I agree with peps1. I would recommend the Note 10.1 though, but not for writing longer texts. For that, get the Asus TF300 or TF700 with the keyboard. It's really sexy!

Get something with a physical keyboard if you're going to be taking notes. 

If all you want to do is take some notes then the Nexus 7 or 10 with a cheap stylus is going to be perfectly fine. If you ever want to print at school, or anything like that, then an iPad or a W7/W8 Pro tablet are your only real choices.

 The nexus 7 would be the way to go.  and you can get a cheap stylus on amazon for less than 2 bucks.  But, theres also a $150 asus tablet coming out  sometime in the future which might be good for this sort of thing.It's called the Asus MeMo...