Tablet acting a bit crazy (like someone is controlling it)

So in the last half an hour my tablet has started acting funny. It started when I opened the twitter app. The tablet just randomly started hitting the follow/un-follow button rapidly on a random profile, it then opened the profile and opened a picture. If I tried to exit the picture it would open it again instantly. Then when I was reading tweets it would tap on random tweets and open them. I was then typing tweets and searching things on the internet and on the keyboard the caps button and enter button was being pressed randomly. Like someone was pressing them, but I wasn't.
I have AVG on my tablet (the free version) and ran a scan but it found nothing. The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition). I haven't installed anything new on the tablet other than "the moron test" from the Google store (silly quiz thing). Anyone have any suggestions or know how to fix this?

have you tried disconnecting it from the network? could be just a faulty screen sensor

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Thanks for the quick reply. No I haven't trued that. I will try that and play about with it for a bit and see what happens. Don't know what would have suddenly caused a faulty screen sensor if that is the problem.

I've had a phone do this and a tablet do this. Most likely what is happening is your digitizer is failing and eventually it won't work at all. Google's policy is that they will replace failing hardware within 1 year of purchase, and I think that is pretty standard. If you're outside of this mark, and if you're up for it you can replace it yourself. I've done this with a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7, and I got my parts from , they have step by step instructions.

So I disconcerted it from the network and it didn't happen again. I have it connected to the wi-fi again and everything seems to be ok (for now atleast) don't know what happend could have been what you where saying.

Don't know what could cause these if that is what is wrong. The tablet is only a year and a few months old.

Just a heads up, mine did this as well. It would start working again and then it got really bad. It was a couple months outside of that year warranty too which made be a little upset to say the least. I don't have an answer of why they fail but they do. Just keep an eye out for it, if it starts to get worse, it is most certainly the digitizer.

Report back in a month or so. I'm curious of the outcome. Good luck!

could have been wet? sometimes when my fingers are wet or i get water on my smart phone it kinda goes crazy.

Sure, I will keep you up to date if anything happens.

Any news?