System Stability Issues

Hi ! I don't know where to post this because I don't really know the source of the problem, so forgive me. I get random BSOD. Sometimes it just happens, while watching a movie or simply doing nothing. Sometimes all the drivers stop working and I'm forced to restart the computer. Other times I play a game, alt+tab, open Chrome, freezes and blue screen. All related in the Event Viewer as Kernel Power error. And altho I have activated my Minidump, it doesn't register any dump files. It's set properly on Kernel Data, I have space... it just doesn.t record them. I didn't have any kind of problem with the system for quite a long time. It just started suddently and I doubt it's hardware problem.


It is an:
- FX-6300 stock settings BUT I disabled the Hyperboost thing

- Asus M5A97 R2.0 motherboard. It has VRM heatsink, "only" a 4+2 Power Phase but many people assured me it's enough if I don't want to do overclocking. Latest BIOS installed.

- 2 sticks of DDR3 1600mhz HyperX Black, 8GB in total. Stock settings.

- Gigabyte R9 280X Rev 2.0 stock settings. Latest BETA Driver.

- PSU is a 90% Super Flower 600W Gold Rated with 50A on the +12V rail. Enough wattage, good PSU, again, multiple people assured me of that. I did aswell some PSU Calculator tests and it showed up I had enough juice for the system with this.

- 1 WD Blue 1TB 64mb

- 4 Red LED 120mm Fans, 2 Fans high performance 120mm. 6 - 120mm fans in total. 2 exhaust - 4 intakes.

- All on Windows 8.1 64bit  updated to the day. 


I ran the following softwares: 

- HD Tune - it shows my Hard Disk is OK. I ran Benchmark, Stress Test, verified the health via Windows, everything is just fine.

-Prime95 - the temps are getting to around 75 Celsius. Quite a lot but it's Prime95 and stock cooler. Usually in full load, it runs to around 60-65. 

-OCCT - Ran some tests to monitorize the voltages and they were fine. I especially monitorized the V-Core. From the 0,830V (the idle one) it went up to 1,23 and stood there. Some small fluctuations here and there but nothing that passed a difference of 0,050 V. The +12V was about as stable as this.

-Also ran AIDA64 Sytem Stability and Furmark.

The computer DID NOT CRASH IN NEITHER OF THESE TESTS ! I play freakin' Battlefield 4 on Ultra MP 64 people, and it doesn't crash. But again, sometimes I open a small thing and boom goes the weasel.


What could it be ? Again, my hardware looks fine by the software test readings. The software is fine aswell since I did a fresh reinstall of the OS. So what can it be ? Ghosts ? 

It still could be a CPU instability. I have a 2500k when overclocked to 4.5GHz, and by all accounts stable - it passed 24 hours of Prime95 (I may re-run, not sure yet), but every once in a while, the system will totally lock up (not even caps lock will respond), or various other freezing, sometimes program crashes, and very rarely a BSOD. This issue doesn't occur on stock settings, so I'm assuming it's a CPU instability.

Another thing you can run is Memtest86. I had a Sempron APU build that would BSOD and was pretty sluggish despite having an SSD, and it turns out it had a bad stick of RAM. RMA'd, got new stick, and it's now rock solid stable and snappy. Ideally, you'd want to run several passes (3 or more) error-free, but in my experience, if the stick is bad, there will be an error before the first pass.

Ok, I will use that right now.

I finally found out how to use the MEMTest and did 3 runs. All fine. I think I found the problem, the PSU. ALTHOUGH the previous results looked fine, it seems the +3,3V rail is fucked up. It shows 3,14V. Which is a bit lower. I'll return it after my exams.