System crash "Fatal Hardware Error"

Just had another system crash (had a few of the same over the past couple of weeks). Reason according to Event Viewer is a “Bus/Interconnect Error” followed by two “Cache Hierarchy Error”. Temperatures (have been looking into this for a while now, as such had HWinfo set to log to file, were in check at the time of the crash.

Question is: Do I need to start looking for new Mainboard and CPU now or can this wait another month?

Is your CPU overclocked in some way?

No overclocking on anything, even memory was at stock (2133MHz) at the time of the second crash that day (have been running 2666MHz on a 3200MHz kit).

Vibration can loosen some connections in your PC. Heat and weight can warp the PCBs. Try to first de-dust your PC, disassemble it (not completely), reinsert your CPU, apply new thermal paste, put the heatsink back on and reinsert your RAM and PCI-E devices, see if that helps. Otherwise, if you still encounter instability issues, the mobo or CPU may be almost toast.

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I did most of what you described as annual maintenance, now (about a month later) I have this issue.

The crashes just stopped? On the next crash, I throw 601€ out the door in exchange for a 5800X and some midrange x570 mobo.

Had another couple of crashes.
Tried a different PSU, different GPU, swapped the Memory, only ran single stick, etc.

Any horror stories about ASRock X570 Extreme4?
I am thinking this configuration as an upgrade:

Part Price Note
AMD 5800X 370€
ASRock X570 Extreme4 225€
GSkill Trident-Z 185€ 2x 16GB 3600MHz, 17-19-19-39
Total: 780€

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