System 76 Laptop with Broadwell i7 and 970 or 980

Aluminum alloy construction
Thin design
15″ or 17″ 1080p matte display
Up to 64 GB of memory
Optional G-Sync Display

Here is the Ark Page for the CPU.

Anyone notice that its got all the features needed to support PCI-e passthrough of the dedicated 980!!!!
If I could use this as a Linux Workstation beast and then run a Win VM with hardware passthrough for gaming.....

I wonder though if System 76 actually builds the chassis or if they are using a Cleveo chassis or some such other generic laptop manufacturer. Their laptops look great but I just wonder if similar specs could be had cheaper elsewhere?

Yea from what I have seen some options on there machine are actually not bad compared to buying the part on New Egg and upgrading your self.
Ram is over priced and the HDDs SSDs are hit or miss.
Its nice to know that they are competitive with like ROG Laptops and MSI gaming laptops but because no OS license cost.
You got an extra $150 going towards the hardware.

System76 uses Clevo/Sager chassis, and I think they may have used an MSI chassis once. Anyways, the Oryx specifically is based off of the Sager NP8657/Clevo P650RE for the 15.6" model and the Sager NP8677/Clevo P670RE for the 17.3" model.

People can get many Sager/Clevo notebooks from RJ Tech and get the specific parts the user wants from elsewhere, probably for a lot less. The P650RE barebones is $1139 it looks like.