Sysadmin Mega Thread

first … why?

and second what are windows security groups?

Security groups are basically the firewall on AWS. Not on the OS.

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AWS Security Groups: Simple Firewall (Protocol, From Port, To Port, Destination, Notes)

Windows Security Groups: Active Directory mechanism (Accounting Group can’t access Marketing files, servers, or shares, can’t run as admin, etc.)

To expound on @SgtAwesomesauce’s point.

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Oh, windows has security groups? Sweet!

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ah… ok

Probably better than windows firewall, and better than nothing.

edit… why the fuck did they call it that??

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Cutesy crap. Route53 instead of DNS :crazy_face:

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Because it’s a policy you apply to a set of instances.

You can also have that policy limit source/dest to instances/LBs/whatever that lie in another policy.

Once I understood that it was just group based firewalling, it all made sense and I stopped caring about the name.

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In the lastest 2019 release, the GUI isn’t even an option anymore. Nothing but powershell.

Not even an option to install it lol. Lean AF


Btw adding a security group into a source doesn’t apply those rules to that security group. It just allows communication to that security group.

Thanks DNS peoples

Dang, really?

How much disk space/memory does that save on a fresh install, do you know?

Right, but there are numerous reasons to do that.

edit, I’m dumb and read BTW as but

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It saved like a gig or two, but the real gain was on the running resources.

Oh I agree. Just thought it did something it didn’t. Everything at work stopped working

Ah, sweet.

Somehow, we never get fired for doing that, huh.

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I think that it was running on something like 700 MB instead of the usual 2 gigs of RAM For just turning the damn thing on.

ITs been a few months and it was with a beta release. (Windows Insider Program)


Damn, that’s not bad. Still not a nogui linux install, but that’s an awesome improvement.

Huge props to the MS team.

Oh yeah, and since 2019 is the next LTSB for windows servers its really going to shake things up.

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The Linux zealot in me isn’t happy, but the enthusiast in me is.

Does anyone else hate Jenkins?

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