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Synology users, I need your help

I am considering replacing a windows pc that we have used as a file server in my small office with a Synology NAS. I THINK I read that Synology uses debian. But I was wondering if you have the ability to install things directly using CLI or do you have to use the Synology GUI and only install whatever packages that they have in their marketplace (assuming they have a marketplace/software repo).

I need to install this software

It’s basically a VPN for our phone system.

It would be great if I could install it on the NAS so I dont have to buy a raspberry pi just for that software.


Synology devices give you full root. Just use your admin password via SSH as the root user.

That doesn’t mean any particular software is guaranteed to work, but the device isn’t terribly locked down from a user-control standpoint.

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DSM is “Linux-based” but afaik, isn’t particularly tied to any specific distro.

Some synologies can run VMs though, so that gives you a lot of options and should definitely preclude the need to buy an rpi just to interface with a vpn.

Thanks. This helps.