Syncronized whole house audio - SONOS DIY

I’ve seen a few DIY projects online about creating a SONOS alternative but I’ve not got the time to hand to put in the hours these people seem to have done.

My ideal set up would be my living room, kitchen and study to have synced audio using the speakers I’ve already got. I don’t suppose anyone know’s of a device which is capable of doing this.



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I’ve done this the derpy DIY way in the past, get a radio transmitter, plug into source with a 3.5mm jack and and just use receivers wherever plugged into anything you like. I paid $5 on ebay for sender and can pick up on phone, car, or dedicated radios within about 15-20m, sounds as good as a normal clear radio station, so probably not audiophile suitable, but as good as normal multi-room fill with untreated spaces will be anyway. If worried about regs, you can be Bluetooth ones for like $15, not sure if there is a limit of pairing multiple at once though, so you many need several senders. If you can, you WILL get best results running a cable I suspect.

Also from the other thread… this is economical if limited rooms.

You can set up groups if you have multiple chromecast audio’s

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I’ll look into the radio idea and the chromecast. Thanks!

Chromecast audio would be the simplest solution.
you can use that with raspberry pis.

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Thanks man

These will easily produce sound in your entire house and will sound better too.

But really though, the chromecast audio is probably your best bet for speakers you already have, so long as you have 3.5mm inputs on them all.

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