Swtiched to unraid after from Scale, array logic suggestions

hey fellas, have recently switched form truenas scale to unraid as it suits my need better, premises:
unraid recently introduced native zfs which is awesome and because of the way the system creates the main ‘array’ native zfs opens a bunch of options of how to implement it for an average home user.
the disks that i have rn:
2 x 6 tb hdd (which are the main array drives alreade both running xfs)
3 x 1 tb ssd (running cahce for the main array, formated to raid z - giving me 2 tb useful + 1 redundancy)
6 x 8 tb hdd (formatted as raid z array under old true nas config, rn essentially have all my storage)
all the disk serve to store 3 types of data - 1. bunches of my linux isos, 2. personal documents and 3. photos

actual part on which I’m looking for advice and opinions:
right now I am thinking of breaking up the zfs array and spreading all the 8 hdds that i have in the unraid array format (with one parity drive, maybe two but unlikely) and format the following drives as follows:
the iso drives are formated as xfs
docs and pics drives as zfs
I am not very knowledgeable about the differences between xfs and zfs but from what I’ve read this is a really good way of organising it.

i can make 2 of the hdds a single zfs mirror and use that array for docs and pics, but expandability is eventually going to be an issue, one that i’d like to avoid.

What do you think about this idea for a layout?

Any opinions, thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated