Switching between SIngle Monitor and Multimontor Setup

Newbie here, so please be gentle.

Ever since WFH, I’ve been using a multi-monitor setup. Nothing fancy, just a dual monitor setup. However, now that things are calming down, the boss wants everyone to come back to the office, where I don’t have any external monitors for the moment. So I have to switch between a laptop monitor at work, and a dual monitor at home using the same laptop.

Is there any way for me to set up the position of the windows in such a way that they remember where they are in a single display setup and a multi-display setup?

I think FancyZones for Windows can do that. Not really sure because I don’t use it (yet) but it should do the trick.

In my use I found out that, if I connect my laptop to my external monitor, disconnect it, and connect it back the windows do go to the monitor they used to be at. But it doesn’t work if I connect them for the first time.

FancyZones is part of PowerToys

From my experience, FancyZones can do it IF you don’t connect to a 3rd setup (in my case multi-monitor at home and at work, then it gets wonky).
Those are setting you might want to try:

  • keep windows in zones after resolution changes
  • move newly opened windows to last known zone

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What OS are you running? As much as I hate to suggest it, I’ve heard that Windows 11 is much better about remembering window and monitor position. And as others have suggested, PowerToys / FancyZones.

@MetalizeYourBrain I’m using a docking station with the monitors constantly attached, so not sure if it’s feasible for me to do so.

@Zszywany Huh, first time I’ve came across this. Where the heck have I’ve been living? laughs Going to give them a try as soon as I can.

@Stiehl Running Win 10 at the moment, and not sure if I’ll ever give Win 11 a go.

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I didn’t mean for you to connect your monitors directly to your laptop. I was just reporting my experience. And it should do the same for you, but not at first boot.

Just like Zszywany said, try out FancyZones and see if it works for you.